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An Illuminating Journey

If you're intrigued by coding, curious about the maker movement, or eager to create stunning projects, Coding Colors offers a risk-free starting point. Access structured video lessons, essential resources, templates, and more without any financial commitment. Join us on this vibrant learning experience.

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Arduino-Based Learning

Explore the fascinating world of coding with a focus on Arduino, a versatile and widely used platform in the maker community.


Coding Language

The course uses C++, an industry standard in the world of robotics, offering a practical and hands-on, beginner-friendly coding experience.


Real-world Applications

Gain insights into the practical applications of coding and Arduino in real-world scenarios. Apply your skills to create projects with tangible outcomes and utility.


Code Mesmerizing Light Patterns

Explore the art and science of creating stunning light displays through coding. Develop skills that bring your imagination to life.


Surprisingly Easy

No prior coding experience required! Our course is intentionally designed to be beginner-friendly and accessible — it's easier than you think.


No Hardware Needed

Access free online simulators to see your code in action and experiment hassle-free. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can also follow along with your own hardware.

Who Is It For?

Whether you're a coding enthusiast, a beginner eager to explore the world of programming, or an Arduino aficionado looking to enhance your skills, Coding Colors is designed for you. The course caters to individuals with varying levels of experience and interests.

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Unlock Lessons As You Learn


Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Shaun Armstrong, founder of amomii, a dedicated STEM educator, and the author of "Arduino Code and Hardware Fundamentals." Through teaching robotics and fueled by my passion for bringing objects to life through coding, I've discovered that the most effective way to learn is through hands-on projects—the very approach we adopt in this course. Having embarked on my coding adventure at the age of 30, I understand firsthand that it's never too late to learn. Coding transformed my life, propelling me from a job lacking passion to founding a tech company and leading a STEM department. In this course, I aim to share the empowering impact of coding and inspire you to discover the endless possibilities that a little knowledge can unlock. Join me in this exciting exploration of coding. Let's embark on a journey together!

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Mental Agility
Learning to code enhances your cognitive abilities, fostering problem-solving skills and improving logical thinking. It's a mental workout that keeps your brain agile and adaptable.

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Versatile Skill Set
The skills you acquire while coding extend beyond the digital realm. Logical reasoning, attention to detail, and systematic problem-solving are transferable skills that find applications in various aspects of life.

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Professional Advancement
In today's tech-driven world, coding is a valuable asset in numerous professions. Whether you're in finance, healthcare, or creative arts, coding proficiency can open doors to new opportunities and career advancements.

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Unleash Creativity
Coding is a creative endeavor. It allows you to bring your ideas to life and create functional solutions. Imagine designing your own home automation devices, interactive art installations, or personalized apps. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

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Build Real Things
Coding isn't just about abstract concepts; it's about building tangible, real-world solutions. From small-scale projects to groundbreaking innovations, coding empowers you to create things that have a meaningful impact

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Fun and Engaging
Beyond its practical applications, coding is enjoyable and fulfilling. The thrill of seeing your code come to life in a project, the satisfaction of problem-solving, and the sense of accomplishment are all part of the rewarding coding experience.

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