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Supercharge your coding and technical skills while crafting a ROBOTIC MASTERPIECE to enjoy long after completion.

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“Do you know how to play Jingle Bells on the piano?”


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The Mini Grand Mega Kit: The Complete DIY Engineering Experience

The Mini Grand Mega Kit is the full engineering experience. This DIY kit guides you through the entire creation process, from prototyping to a finished product. The journey concludes with a digital instrument that promises enjoyment long after creation, accompanied by the acquisition of lifelong skills.



Transform a collection of components into a fully functional electronic instrument.



Learn coding from the basics to advanced concepts with our comprehensive guide.



Move beyond the breadboard, transitioning your prototype into a finished, enduring device.



Enjoy the thrill of seeing your creation come to life and explore endless possibilities.

What Sets Mini Grand Apart

There is no shortage of DIY kits that teach coding or focus solely on prototyping, but Mini Grand Mega Kit stands out as a comprehensive package that covers every aspect of the maker's journey. Here's why Mini Grand is a cut above the rest:

Prototype and Learn

Up your maker game by following our fun and practical lessons using professional prototyping equipment.

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Solder the Shield

Soldering is a vital skill for any maker worth his or her salt, and with the Mini Grand, you get to hone your skills welding real world components to the purpose-built PCB.

Get Connected

Connect your Mini Grand to the amomii UNO microcontroller with ease. Simply push the two together creating a solid and reliable connection.

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Code it to Life

Upload the test code and enjoy the thrill of seeing your creation come to life one component at a time.

Assemble the Piano

After assemble the piano, it needs to be something showing the finished product being used.

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Once your Mini Grand is complete, it's time to PLAY!

Discover the capabilities of your Mini Grand with our exciting example projects, or take it to places unknown with your newly acquired coding skills. The possibilities are endless!


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Take It Your Way

While the Mini Grand Mega Kit comes with detailed guides, tutorials, example codes and more, where you take it next is down to you.

Code It

Use the example code, or take it to new levels with code of your own.

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3D Print It

For the 3D printer fans out there, this kit comes with all 3D files, so get creative!


Hack It

Use the auxiliary pins to add sensors, actuators, or whatever else you can think up.

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Learn From Experience

Included with the kit are two eBooks, expertly written by Shaun Armstrong, amomii founder, and High School STEM department head teacher.

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Explore Beyond the Keys

Once you've completed the Mini Grand build and proudly unveiled your gadget, the journey doesn't end there. Your newly acquired skills, the prototyping equipment, and the powerful Amomii UNO microcontroller included in the kit open the door to a multitude of exciting projects!

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"The Mini Grand piano project is awesome! Students were fully stimulated, motivated, and excited when building this masterpiece!"

— Anthony Timpano, Makerspace Coordinator and STEM Teacher

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