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Whether you're a seasoned maker, a curious crafter, or just looking for a fun family project, we’ve got you covered.

Master Makery the amomii Way

Select one of our carefully crafted kits and components from our ever-growing collection and get it sent to your door.


Follow our detailed instructions guiding through the steps of how to turn a collection of components into a device and learn useful skills each step.


Whether it's an IoT device, a fun game, or a useful gadget, our kits were designed to end up as devices just as functional as a bought product.


Build functional devices and learn new skills each step of the way

Your Product, Your Style

Our stylish PCBs are fully functional and look stunning in their naked glory, so feel free to leave them be.


Download a free template and bring your crafty creation to life with your amomii hardware.

3D Print

All of our products come with free 3D printable accessories. Use your 3D printer to turn your project into a finished product!

You don’t need to be an experienced maker to experience making!
From ‘How To’ guides, to example code and templates, all of our kits and components come with everything you need to get going regardless of your level.

Let's get Technical

For those serious about learning the ways of the maker, with each amomii UNO purchase, we offer a FREE eBook teaching Arduino code and hardware fundamentals in a fun and practical way.

About Us

What started as an interest and turned into a passion, then became a career followed by a vision, we now call amomii.

Hear what students, makers, and educators say about amomii

I originally thought that amomii would be complicated and difficult to understand, but it’s really not the case. The materials are intuitive and easy to use, and so much fun!

Brahm G.
Elementary School Teacher
Ontario, Canada

I used the amomii Uno for my last Senior Robotics project. As a Mac user, having this board with its USB C port is more convenient than the typical Uno board, at the same time the amomii board is faster at uploading codes and it also retains the functions that typical Uno boards have.

Justin W.
Mechanical Engineering Student
Taichung, Taiwan

amomii’s products provided me effective support to complete my robotic class projects. I was also a big fan of their aesthetic design.

Richard H.
Mechanical Engineering Student
Taichung, Taiwan

My daughter and I had fun throwing together the piano kit. She got real quiet and focused like she does with Lego. Afterward, we had a song contest with the recording function. She won. I'd be interested in some kind of add on to the board.

Craig S.
Kindergarten Teacher
Alberta, Canada

After trying some of amomii’s products out myself, I have decided that I want to purchase more for use in the classroom with my students. They are great educational tools. So many possibilities!

Timothy T.
Science Teacher
AlasKa, USA
Make it, mod it, and hack it