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Ideate, Innovate, Illuminate: Stunning RGB light patterns, built by you.

Revitalize your microcontroller projects with the amomii Glow LED strips. Featuring 8 individually addressable pixels per strip, you can create captivating light patterns and displays with ease. With daisy chaining capabilities, multiple strips can be connected together, all controlled by a single data pin on your microcontroller. Illuminate your projects with vibrance and simplicity using the amomii Glow.
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Ready, set, GLOW!

The amomii Glow LED strips are a versatile addition to any project. Whether you're looking to add vibrance and color to your electronics project, backlight your TV, create mood lighting around the house, or even install them under a remote-controlled car, the amomii Glow has you covered. Each strip features 8 pixels, with each pixel equipped with WS2812B chips. This means that each pixel is individually addressable, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Plus, if you need more than 8 pixels, multiple strips can be connected together to expand the display.

For even more possibilities, the strips can be arranged in a matrix and used to display animations or scrolling text. And with the stunning white PCB, the amomii Glow adds a touch of elegance to any project.

Wiring the amomii Glow is simple, requiring only one data pin on your microcontroller, regardless of how many strips you're controlling. And with a wide range of vibrant colors available, your projects will stand out like never before.

We also offer a range of example projects to get you started, as well as downloadable add-ons such as free STL files for 3D printable cases. Whether you're a hobbyist, artist, or engineer, the amomii Glow is the perfect addition to your toolkit.

What's in the Box?
Everything needed to get you Glowing.

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See what's Inside

8 x amomii Glow RGB Light Strips
21 x Female - Female Jumper Wires (12cm)
3 x Male - Female Jumper Wires (20cm)

Making Connections
Connect it, code it, and watch it Glow!

Get Connected

Connecting your Glow strip to your project couldn’t be easier. Simply connect the Gnd, 5V, and Signal pins from your strip to your microcontroller and your set.

Code It

Code is what brings a device to life, but you don't need any experience to get started – simply follow our instructions on how to upload the example code, and you'll be Glowing in no time.

Not enough?

Then add more. Use the provided jumper wires to daisy chain multiple strips together.

Get Creative

and see what you can illuminate.

Your Gadget, Your Style
There are plenty of ways to customize and case your strips.
Expose It
The amomii Glow is a thing of beauty and needs no covering at all. Connect it, code it, and let it shine in its naked glory.
Craft It
For the crafty folk out there, the amomii Glow can be mounted to any project, both big and small and looks stunning diffused through materials such as thin cloth and printing paper.
3D Print It
For those with access to a 3D printer, we have a whole family of cases and connectors that you can download and print for free.
Ready to Shine?
Projects & Hacks
Don’t let us hold you back!

Add color to your living space, backlight your TV, build a futuristic clock, but most importantly, be creative and have a blast.

Not quite ready to Glow


The amomii Glow can be controlled with any microcontroller that supports digital output, but we recommend the amomii UNO for compatibility. Our supporting documentation and power handling abilities mean you can power the amomii UNO directly from the board, making it the perfect choice for your project.


You'll need a computer with the Arduino IDE or another coding environment installed to upload code to your microcontroller. Don't worry if you're not familiar with coding, we provide detailed instructions on how to install the free software and use it.

Power Source

Depending on the power handling capabilities of the microcontroller you use, you may need a 5V external power source. However, with the amomii UNO, the 8 strips in the kit can be controlled without an additional power source, making setup even easier.
Turn your Glow strips into an expandable display with amomii Matrix

Elevate your amomii Glow experience with the amomii Matrix shield. This impressive shield is designed specifically for amomii UNO and other Arduino UNO style boards, and can connect up to 8 Glow strips to transform them into a mesmerizing matrix display. Showcase stunning animations, scrolling text, and captivating light patterns with ease.

Take your display to new heights by connecting multiple Matrix shields together, unlocking even more potential and capabilities. With just one UNO board to power them all, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the amomii Matrix shield offers multiple power options, including USB-C ports for convenient and efficient powering.

But that's not all - the amomii Matrix shield also features a unique wiring system that allows for full access to all the UNO data pins, even when multiple shields are connected. Both male and female pins are conveniently located on either side of the shield, providing maximum flexibility and versatility for your projects.

Bring your lights to life with the amomii UNO

amomii Glow strips require a controller to operate, and will work well with most microcontrollers and microprocessors such as Arduino boards, ESPs, and the Raspberry Pi, but with its stylish appearance, higher power handling capabilities, amomii support and example projects, the amomii UNO is the perfect choice.

Brighten Up your Projects
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