Welcome to amomii, where we believe in the power of creativity and learning through hands-on experiences. We specialize in crafting fun and innovative DIY electronics gadgets and kits that inspire individuals to explore the realms of coding, 3D printing, electronics, mechanics, design, and robotics. Our mission is to empower our customers to build cool and useful gadgets while acquiring new skills and knowledge in the process. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and creation!

Our Story

At amomii, we have a passion for education, design, and technology. Founded in early 2020 by Shaun Armstrong, a UK native living in Taiwan with qualifications in design, art, and mechanical engineering, our company is driven by the vision of combining education with hobbyist electronics. Shaun's diverse background and love for music and technology have shaped our product offerings and educational approach.

Beginnings and a Change of Course

Shaun's adventure in Taiwan began in 2008 when he arrived to teach English for a year. However, captivated by the country's allure, he decided to extend his stay. After seven years of immersing himself in Taiwanese culture, he realized that teaching English wasn't his true calling. Determined to align his professional life with his interests, Shaun embarked on a journey of learning and discovery.

A Lifelong Love for Learning

Seeking to enhance his skills, Shaun pursued a distance learning HNC course in Mechanical Engineering from Teesside University, UK. Over three years of diligent study while maintaining a full-time job, he graduated with distinction. This newfound knowledge sparked a passion for learning, leading him to delve into Arduino and 3D printing, honing his skills and embarking on exciting projects.

A New Chapter: Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Minds

With a growing expertise in engineering and a desire to share his passion, Shaun started teaching robotics, coding, and design classes at the international school where he worked. As his classes gained popularity, he founded the Armstrong Academy, an after-school club focused on empowering students to build amazing projects using Arduino as the foundation.

Crafting Unique Educational Experiences

Shaun realized that existing kits in the market fell short of providing a comprehensive engineering experience for his students. They often resulted in mere prototypes, lacking the substantial and finished look he desired. Motivated by this gap, Shaun decided to create his own kits, leveraging direct student feedback and his own experience to refine and perfect his designs.

amomii is Born

In 2019, fueled by a deep desire to inspire hobbyists and makers around the world, Shaun took the decisive step of registering amomii as a business in Taiwan. With a vision to promote hands-on learning and creative exploration, Shaun assembled a team of like-minded individuals who shared his passion.

Joined by the talented graphic designer and coordinator Kelly Hsiao, the core team embarked on a journey to establish a brand that embodied their unwavering commitment to education and innovation. In 2022, the team welcomed Todd Latta and Thomas Brill as partners, bringing their invaluable business expertise and support to amplify the amomii mission.

The name amomii was carefully chosen, inspired by a precious source of inspiration in Shaun's life—his daughter Naomi. Symbolizing the birth of a brand driven by boundless creativity, relentless innovation, and a profound love for learning, amomii stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to empowering individuals to explore, discover, and create.

Inspiring the World of Robotics

At amomii, our mission is to make the world of robotics accessible, enjoyable, and educational for everyone. We provide hands-on opportunities for hobbyists, technology enthusiasts, makers, and learners of all abilities. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we aim to empower individuals to build their own creative and useful gadgets while gaining skills in coding, electronics, 3D printing, and more. Our focus is on fostering a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment through the process of creation.

Creating Engaging and Functional Projects
Engaging and Useful Projects

Our projects are designed to go beyond mere prototypes. We believe in creating gadgets that are not only fun to build but also practical and functional in everyday life.

Originality and Innovation

Our projects are the result of Shaun's creative thinking. While some are enhanced versions of generic microcontroller projects, many are completely original, offering fresh and exciting challenges.

Rethinking Traditional Components

We go beyond the norm by reengineering classic components, creating more convenient, stylish, and multifunctional versions that add value to your projects.

Real World Engineering Experience

Our kits provide a taste of real electrical engineering, allowing users to gain confidence and pursue formal education in the field. They can also apply their newfound knowledge to repair household appliances or invent their own creations.

Classroom-Driven Content

Our founder's background as a STEM teacher ensures that our projects and learning materials are born from real classroom experience. We use accessible language and engaging content to inspire and educate our users.

Free 3D Printable Accessories

As 3D printers become more accessible, we provide free 3D printable accessories with our projects, giving users the opportunity to customize and enhance their creations.

Our Team

At amomii, our dedicated team comprises experts in their respective fields:

  • Shaun Armstrong (Founder and CEO):

    With qualifications in design, art, and mechanical engineering, Shaun's passion and expertise drive the vision of amomii. His background as a STEM teacher ensures that our projects and learning materials are crafted to inspire and educate.

  • Kelly Hsiao (Graphic Designer and Coordinator):

    Kelly brings her creative talent to the team, translating ideas into visually captivating designs that reflect our brand's spirit and values.

  • Todd Latta (Partner):

    As a seasoned business strategist, Todd provides valuable guidance and expertise, steering amomii's growth and ensuring strategic direction.

  • Thomas Brill (Partner):

    With a wealth of experience in business management and strategy, Thomas offers invaluable insights and plays a key role in shaping amomii's success.

Together, our team combines their passion, expertise, and diverse perspectives to drive amomii's mission of inspiring creativity and empowering individuals through hands-on electronics projects.

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At amomii, we believe that learning and creativity go hand in hand. Our goal is to inspire individuals of all ages and abilities to embark on exciting journeys of discovery through hands-on electronics projects. With a focus on practicality, innovation, and accessibility, we invite you to join us in exploring the world of DIY electronics gadgets and education. Start your adventure with amomii today and unleash your potential as a creator, problem-solver, and innovator. Together, let's build a future fueled by knowledge, passion, and imagination.